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 No single factor is more essential for your hot tubs/ Spas/Jacuzzi’s/inflatable hot tubs Than the water quality from your filtration system.
All Darlly filter cartridges are precision engineered and are built using Reemay media. Each cartridge carries a 12 Month Money-Back Guarantee, this is unrivalled in the industry and more than illustrates the confidence we have in our products. See WARRANTIES AND LIABILITY ON Darlly Europe Filters
When buying a cheap filter is MORE expensive
There are plenty of cheap filters available in the Hot Tub market, sometimes 30% or even 50% cheaper.
These filters are cheaper because they use an alternative, cheaper media (the pleats).
These cheaper filters:
1) Cannot be washed and re-used
2) Will become 'blocked' and lose porosity very quickly. This will result in a drop in water pressure coming from the jets and continual 'FLOW" error messages on your control panel because there is insufficient water flowing through the circulation pump. This will then result in a drop in heat and possible censure of the pump. A costly exercise.
3) Can collapse and become unusable within 6 months. So you will need 4 filters instead of 1! Thus the cheap filters are probably TWICE as expensive.
4) Can release Phosphates from the bonding elements within the material. Phosphates are EXACTLY what the filter is supposed to be preventing. Phosphates are vital food for algae and bacteria, thus your spa water could become a health hazard and green in colour. An indicator of Phosphate is a Yellow Filter. Thank-you Darlly
Having replacement cartridges allows you to switch cartridges at cleaning time, so you aren’t without filtering during the cleaning and drying process.
See More Filter? if you need help to find you best filter
Rotate Filters - Keep Spares On Hand
Use the filter rotation method: when cleaning your dirty filter, swap it with a clean dry spare. With this system you'll never have to wait to use your spa, and your filters will last longer. Allowing filters to dry completely after cleaning will help eliminate odors and resident microbes. Clean filters save energy.
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