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Safe Outdoor Activities for the bank Holiday

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Safe Outdoor Activities

It’s a bit of a strange time for all of us and there’s a lot of things we should be doing or should not be doing to keep safe. And much of our time has been pushed to our own homes and our own backyards. It may sound like a prison sentence to some but for others it could be a time to recoup and discover new ways to stay active and keep our families close and happy while being cramped up at home. Even if you’re no longer in isolation, this is a great guide for any sort of fun home activities year-round.

Owning a swim spa or hot tub has many benefits, especially during a time when we are spending our time at home, along with many other outdoor activities.

The key is distance and safety. Keeping at last 6 feet apart, when you can, even from members in your own household can be helpful but this is particularly important for having family or neighbourhood friends over for some socially responsible and socially distant fun times during a period of uncertainty.

Below are some great outdoor and home activities for your family and some can even be practiced with close friends, while maintaining distance.


One great outdoor activity that has natural distance built in is soccer. Even if you’re just kicking the ball back and forth between each other, it’s a great and safe way to stay active. You maintain at least 6 feet of distance, often more, during and you never have to touch the ball with your hands so you don’t have to worry about transmission as long as you continue to only use your feet.


If you’ve got space for it, now is a great time to take advantage of the nice spring weather and have meals outside when possible. If you have an outdoor barbecue area, cooking outside could be a great outdoor activity to engage in. If you have space for outdoor dining, you should utilize it as much as possible as the weather permits.

Pool & Spa Time

One great outdoor activity for your family to partake in is using your outdoor swim spa area or hot tub. While you wouldn’t want to invite over guests outside your household for this, it can be a great way for the family to exercise and have fun while safely staying at home. The chemicals in the water also help to kill bacteria and pathogens. There are many games and activities to keep the whole family engaged while bettering your mind and body.

Related Questions

What Are Some Indoor Activities?

Many people have taken to mastering at-home cooking and baking as an option during this time. You could also do some spring cleaning and any sort of spring-time DIY remodelling or organizing in your home.

Can I Do Any Home Renovations?

While you shouldn’t do any unnecessary renovations that require you to bring in outside professionals, there are certainly things you can do on your own such as reorganizing and building new items with what materials you have. You can also consult with professionals virtually for plans once the danger has passed.

Don’t go crazy while you’re stuck at home! Try these fun family activities beginning with relaxing and being active in a hot tub or swim spa.

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