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CAUTION  Electrical work and repairs can be dangerous

especially around water. There is a risk of shock or electrocution, which could result in serious injury or death. We strongly advise that hot tub electrical wiring be referred to a licensed electrician. Local code requirements for wiring vary and may differ from the educational examples on this web site. The local code regulations must be followed, with permits and inspections obtained. The installer should read and follow the hot tub owner's manual and associated electrical component owner's manuals and  instructions. Regardless of who performs the work, be sure that power to the spa circuit is switched off at the house service panel prior to inspections, wiring, or repairs. Improper wiring may damage equipment and void the manufacturer's warranty.
Images and our descriptive text are for guidance . We are not responsible for misinterpretation of any product. Images and descriptive text is used to describe all of our product to the best of our abilities.
Peter The Hot tub Man will  try and help you!!

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Please Note:  All spa part sales are can cancel their order up to 14 days Exceptions.These rules do not apply to:
goods and services worth £42 or less Spa parts are not universal and can be difficult to identify. If you are not confident t hat you have chosen the right parts - please email us at before you purchase and we will attempt to help you identify what you need.
We Promise To  Listen carefully to what you want. Make suggestions where appropriate and involve you in every step of the way.
The right fitting, the right price, delivered right to you! Searching for just the right fittings can be a real hassle -- driving from store to store, finding what you need only to hear "sorry, we are out of stock," order minimums, etc. -- but we here  Most Hot tub /spa  fittings to choose from, and even offer some very hard to find styles, making those frustrations a thing of the past.  and if you can't find what you need, please e-mail us at or call us at 07510775992 A/P 
our online Office is Open Weekdays From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.UK TIME
If you need  more help  please email.
We will not be held liable for any injuries that may result from the troubleshooting or installation of any electrical components in your hot tub spa unit. Anyway now that the legal side is covered


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