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For ALL Makes & Models Of HotTub/Spas/Jacuzzi’s and inflatable hot tubS Too! (for over 190 brands)

Add 55-inch screen, both models are designed for outdoor installation and have a degree of protection IP54, protected from dust, insects, rain, snow and humidity. Framing provides powder coating to protect against UV radiation, oxidation and rust salty air.

Through the built-in heating and cooling devices, both models can withstand operating temperatures from -24 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit. The official representative of the company assures that has information from satisfied customers in Alaska who watch TV SunBrite sitting in hot tubs with ice-slick literally in their beards.

According Sunbrite, TVs have sufficient brightness for viewing in direct sunlight, producing 800 nits. size model of 84 inches (CO-8418UHD) has a glass screen on top of the LED panel to provide additional protection from physical objects, which could damage the display. The user can hide streaming set-top box, for example, the Roku or Amazon Fire TV, in a compartment on the back panel. Rubber pads on the rear isolate the power supply and other cables that are included in this compartment. And instead of weak speakers installed on most room flat-screen TVs, both models come complete with a 20-watt soundbar.